Submission Tips For Musicians And Singers Wanting To Work On Cruise Ships

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1. Submit all videos online  – Upload all requested video material to a video sharing website like YouTube, Vimeo, etc and email us the links. Additionally, your song list and performance resume should be sent via email via PDF or doc file documents.

IMPORTANT:  A submission email should not exceed 5 Megabytes.

2. Song Selection – Keep in mind that you will be performing for people on vacation so keep most of your song selections upbeat. All song selections should be covers.

Positions are generally similar industry-wide, however each cruise line caters to a different clientele. Some ships are geared towards a younger party crowd while other ships will have an older classier atmosphere. A versatile audition video makes you more employable for different situations

3. Video Song Length – We prefer each song to be excerpts of about 30 seconds to a minute as opposed to the full song. We are inundated with submissions so the more streamlined and professional you make your demo, the better your chances are of securing a contract.

4. Members In Your Group – For group submissions, the members in the video should be the members who can commit to fulifiling the cruise ship contract.

5. Appearance On Video – Dress as you would if you were doing the actual gig onboard.

6. Audience Interaction – We prefer your videos to be shot in a live setting so we can gauge audience interaction. If this isn’t possible, you can also shoot your demo in your lounge room but perform as if you had a live audience. The quality of the actual video is not as important as how well you perform and the energy you perform with.

7. Song List – You should submit, preferably in PDF form, at least 200 songs listing the song, artist and genre. Your song list should reflect the position onboard you are applying for.

8. Performance Resume – This document should include your relevant musicial experience and education. Please include any past cruise ship employment, plus a list of dates/venues when and where you’ve performed.

9. Photo: Please submit a clear photo of your group or a simple professional headshot if you are a solo performer.

10. Availability: Let us know specifically when you are available, bearing in mind that contracts are generally between 3-6 months.

We look forward to hearing from you!